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Heating Oil in Groton, CT: Efficient, Safe, Clean

If you’re thinking about which fuel will be best for your home or business, you might consider oil, which burns cleanly and produces particulate emissions near the zero level. No worries about clean-air requirements. It’s also extremely safe because you won’t have to worry about carbon monoxide production that can cause health problems without warning.

More on Safety

When safety is a major concern, you should also understand that heating oil is not highly flammable, such as some other fuels are. It will only ignite, safely, when used in an advanced system specifically designed for efficient burning. If you’ve considered converting to a gas system, you might think again. You’ll save a lot with an oil system.

You can be sure that you’ll get the best equipment and the finest products when you work with Andersen Oil Company. You’ll be heating your home and your water faster because oil heat burns about 300 degrees hotter than natural gas and this fuel is extremely cost-efficient, delivering at the rate of 90% to 95%. This can be very important to a business that’s watching expenses closely.

Automatic Delivery

When you visit the website during your search for heating oil in Groton, CT, consider a company that offers automatic delivery service to local customers. This means less stress and one less thing to think about. You won’t have to worry about being out of fuel at a crucial time. In addition, you can also call on these same professionals for 24-hour emergency service.

Some of the elements that you always look for in heating oil service are fast response, consistent customer service, and reasonable prices. When all these pieces are in place, your family members and guests will be comfortable. You can count on it. Whether you need commercial service or residential service at attractive rates, this is your source.