How are Motor Operated Valves Beneficial?

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Business

For the valuable information, motor operated valves are the family of valves. Such valves are a important element of plant and piping system. Generally, these valves are of big sizes and are used for different purposes or applications namely pump discharge. A motor operated valve is also often called ON-OFF valve because it’s completely operated manually. Such valves are used where regulation of fluid does not take place, mainly for stopping or allowing the fluid flow.

Advantages of Motor Operated/ON-OFF Valves

Let’s have a look at the advantages of motorized valves.

  1. Motorized valves can be often actuated without implementing efforts.
  2. Motorized valves cost very low.
  3. Motor operated valves have the ability to throttle without positioner simplicity.
  4. These valves require low supply pressure.
  5. Motorized valves can adjust themselves according to conditions – does not matter if the condition is good or bad.
  6. These valves can be maintained easily i.e., there is no need of providing them extra care.

Moving on, motor operated valves are for full open and close applications. Such valves have various types – Butterfly, Gate, Ball, etc. with actuator controls. Mainly, MOV is utilized for frequent operations. They have the ability to run processes without casualties and also have the authority to stop the constant flow of fluid. But there is a requirement for coordination among the engineers of Piping-Electrical-Instrumentation-Process and the vendors for the design and procurement of MOVs. Such valves need high-quality procurement facility so that they can be used anytime. The design and procurement are done for making the valves active and unique.

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