How to Install Under Counter Lighting?

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Lighting Store

Arguably, there are two ways to install undercabinet lights – the hard and the easy way. If you are involved in a kitchen renovation, an electrician may professionally put in the lighting by rewiring. However, it is easy to install them by yourself.

Three Easy Steps

The process requires planning. Follow the following steps to achieve your goal.

  1. Research and decide what type of LED under cabinet lights you want: puck lights, strips, rope lights or tape lights.
  2. Choose the cabinet

The next step depends upon what type of lighting you have chosen. The options are as follows:

  • LED-Lines Tape: After removing the protective strip from the tape’s back, press it into the designated place. This thin wiring can easily be concealed behind various cabinet components.
  • Puck lights: Drill small holes where the lighting needs to go. Make sure the holes and the mounting cap are aligned perfectly before securing the cap with a couple of screws. The lights are attached easily with a twist-and-lock motion.
  • Rope Lights: Securely screw plastic clips to the top of the cabinet. Attach the lights to them. Run the cord to the outlet and plug it in.

Before installing always make sure the plug can reach the outlet safely.

Installing Under Counter Lighting

Installing under counter lighting is easy. It does not require an electrician or a talented DIYer. For those who find the above too complicated, consider battery-powered puck lights. Simply peel away the protective covering of the adhesive strip. Stick them into place. Push the start button and you are done.

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