How Long Shipping Boxes Can Transform The Way You Do Business in Pembroke

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Corrugated Box Manufacturer

When it comes time to ship your products, the most obvious candidate for a container is a cardboard box. What many people don’t realize, though, is that the type of cardboard box you use can have a major impact on your customers’ satisfaction with your business. If you want to transform the way you do business, long shipping boxes may be worth looking into, especially if you’ve been using cube-shaped boxes previously.

Protect Your Product

As your team is packaging your products, it’s important that they are efficient with their packing to cut down on waste. If you use a cube-shaped box, though, this quest for efficiency could actually have a negative effect on the products you’re shipping. As a packer attempts to place multiple items on top of each other, the weight from the items could cause the items on the bottom to become misshapen. If you use long shipping boxes, though, the items will be placed side by side, putting less stress on each item.

Better Product Presentation

Another advantage of using long shipping boxes is that it allows your team members to focus more on product presentation. Since they can see each item that they’re packing, they can arrange them in a way that will be pleasing to your customers when they open their box. This will allow you to set yourself apart from other companies that simply throw items into a box with some basic protective materials and send the box on its way.

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