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How Parents in California Can Help Their Children Get Organized

There are many steps parents can take to help their children get organized. This will make their lives easier. While it may take some effort at the start, it is definitely worth it in the long run.

Large tasks can seem overwhelming to children and adults. Help your children accomplish large tasks by breaking them into smaller chunks. This is helpful when it comes to household chores and school projects. Show your child that every project has a start, middle, and finish.

Teach your children how to make to-do lists and checklists. This will help them keep track of their chores and homework. They will feel a sense of pride as they are able to mark tasks off the list.

If your child has a difficult time remembering to bring personal items home from school or their personal items get lost easily, you may want to purchase a label maker. You can help your child create school label stickers that can be put on all of their belongings. The project will be fun to accomplish together. The school label stickers will help your child know which items belong to them and will help them remember to bring them home at the end of the day.

Help your child grasp the concept of time. Teach them how to use a calendar and clock. This is helpful when establishing daily routines and finishing tasks on time.

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