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How to Have a Different Hair Color Every Day

You read that right. Imagine having a different hair color every day. Not just different shades of brown, blonde, or even red, but shades like turquoise, pink, and lemon yellow.

It is not just the stuff of childhood fantasies, anymore. Now, you can wear a different, exciting shade in your hair every day of the week. Likewise, you could choose a bright signature color, or match your hair to your outfits or moods. With today’s temporary color change shampoo trend, the options are limitless!

Why Temporary Color?

You might be wondering why someone would choose temporary color. Why spend all that time and money just to lose your color after a day or two? The truth is it is much cheaper and easier to create bold, attention-grabbing shades daily than you might think!

With the popularity of wash-in, wash-out products like temporary color shampoo and conditioner, you can change the color you wear whenever you want to. Even better, you can do it without all the effort and the investment that hair color traditionally takes. A bottle of this shampoo is usually around ten dollars or less, and these products are as easy as washing or conditioning your hair. In the time it takes you to get ready for the day, you could have cool, purple curls!

Why Go Bold?

Bright, noticeable colors are more than a trend. They are a great way to accessorize outfits, express yourself, dress for favorite holidays or events, and more. Some ideas for wearing crazy colors in your hair include:

  • Matching your prom dress.
  • Turning up the fun on a night out with friends.
  • Being the cool kid on campus with the funky green hair.
  • Irritating your parents or your grumpy old neighbor.
  • Giving yourself colorful locks for a Halloween party.
  • Adding color to a drab day.

Love that list or have your own ideas? Snag yourself a few bottles of your favorite colors or mix and match your own shades! The only limit is your creativity.