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5 Tips Before You Pick a Karaoke Night Bar

You and your friends love to sing. If you’re in the mood to have some fun, why not book a room where you can sing and dance and just party for as long as you want? There are karaoke bars and rooms that you can choose from. Read on for tips on how to make the most out of your booking.

Do a Headcount

First, be sure to do a headcount. Some karaoke night bars in Los Angeles typically have a limit on how many people can use a room. Go over those restrictions before you pick a bar.

Know the Location

How far is the bar from everyone? While it can’t be helped that the location won’t be convenient for everyone, the next best thing is to pick one that’s conveniently located from most of the people in your group.

Check the Menu

If you have people with dietary restrictions, then book a bar or room in a bar that offers a menu that works for them. That way, if you have vegetarian friends, they won’t feel left out. They’ll also have a better range of food to choose from.

Look at the Gallery

Another way to get a gauge of the space and what you can expect when you book a room is to browse through the gallery. The photos should help you decide if you’re booking the right place.

Ask About Fees

How much will a room cost and for how long? Some offer packages, too, depending on the time you arrive. Some of the promos are typically for time slots between super late at night and quite early in the morning. If you go over your timeslot, how much will it cost in penalties? Do you pay for a corkage fee, too? If there’s a gallery, are the drinks free Shrine.