Label Your Child’s Items in California Without Putting Them in Harm’s Way

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Labels

There are many good reasons to put a personalized label on your child’s clothing. When they are in daycare or camp, name tags help them to spot their personal items instead of taking what belongs to someone else. However, someone with ill intentions could use your smart thinking to their advantage. Any adult that learns your child’s name could pretend to be a friend and lure them away. To prevent this from happening, here are ways to label their belongings but still keep them safe.

Be Discreet

When your child is spending time with you, it may not matter much if their jacket or bookbag proudly displays their name. But, there may be times they will be without direct supervision, like riding a bike in your neighborhood or walking home from school. Although they have reached a mature age to handle these activities, they are still young enough to get tricked or deceived. Put kids clothing labels on the inside of their belongings to be more discreet.

Be Brief

The purpose of kids clothing labels clothing labels is to stay organized and to keep track of what your child owns. To accomplish your goal, you don’t have to provide your address or phone number. Instead, keep the label brief with just their name. You can go a step further by putting only the last name as well as a symbol or using a color-coding system that you explain to teachers and caregivers.

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