Learning Who Usually Has a Graveside Funeral Service for Arrangements

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Funeral Services

As you grow older, you might contemplate what kind of final arrangements you want to plan for yourself after you die. You may not be entirely sold on the idea of having a large church funeral and paying for all of the necessities that go along with it. However, you also may not want to be cremated and have no kind of service at all.

Instead, you might prefer something briefer and more affordable. You can decide if this option is best for you by learning who usually has a graveside funeral service

for these reasons.

Tight Budgets

People who are on tight budgets often opt for this kind of service. They avoid having to pay for fees associated with renting out rooms at a funeral home for viewings or memorial services. Instead, they can have their services held in the same location where they have purchased cemetery plots.

They only have to pay for the gravesite to be opened and closed. They save money on paying for funeral home staff services. They also may avoid having to pay for the use of a church and priests or ministers to officiate over their funerals in churches.

When considering who usually has a graveside funeral service near Oakland, CA, you may also realize this option appeals to veterans. They are able to have their 21 gun salutes held safely in a cemetery rather than around buildings. Find out more by contacting Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum.

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