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Marriage Counseling in New York Helps When a Spouse Has Anger Issues

Often, married couples wait until they are considering divorce before seeking professional help. Scheduling marriage counseling in New York before the relationship has deteriorated this far is advisable, but it still might not be too late. A relationship counselor can help the two communicate more effectively and address their problems without rancor.

A Worsening Problem

One situation that may have continued for years is a spouse having to deal with the other’s anger issues. When not resolved early on, the problem tends to worsen. The verbal hostility increases with more frequent episodes of yelling and saying insulting commentary.

Better Insight

Marriage counseling in New York helps both spouses see the situation more clearly. The counselor can provide anger management exercises and guide the client toward insight into the underlying causes.

Communication Improvements

One important improvement in communication involves preventing disagreements from escalating into an argument and then a shouting match. Sometimes one person does all the yelling while the other one withdraws.

These behaviors, especially when occurring somewhat frequently, can cause serious harm to the relationship. The angry spouse continues to feel greater annoyance and frustration. The other tries too hard to please that person and figure out what will stop these episodes. Eventually, despair and hopelessness about the marriage may set in.

Ending Idle Threats

Another destructive habit is continued threats by one or both to end the marriage. The angry spouse may use this as an intimidation tactic. The person enduring verbal abuse issues the threat as an ultimatum, which may succeed for a while. None of these communication styles fully resolves the underlying problem, though. Details on The Relationship Suite can be viewed today.