Protection from Fires

by | May 14, 2019 | Fire and Security

Whether you have a small retail shop or a multi-story office building, you need commercial fire protection NJ. We offer a wide range of fire protection services that are designed to protect your investment, keep your facility safe and provide you with the assurance that if a fire does happen, it will not be catastrophic.

We install wet, dry and deluge fire sprinkler systems. These fire sprinkler systems put out flames before they have a chance to spread. They are one of the best types of protection for an interior fire that could be caused by an electrical short, appliance malfunction or arson. We also maintain and inspect these fire sprinkler systems. Installing a fire sprinkler system could lower your insurance premiums. For a newly built building or a building that is undergoing a complete remodel, the local fire codes may require the installation of a sprinkler system.

Our services also include fire alarms and smoke detectors. These devices give the building’s occupants as much warning as possible that there is smoke or fire on the premises. They can be wired into your building’s security system. The smoke detectors, fire alarms and sprinkler systems are all set up to automatically contact the local fire department if they are activated. We also test the systems in order to eliminate the possibility of false alarms.

Instead of hoping for the best, plan for the worst. We offer commercial fire protection in NJ so that you can have peace of mind that your livelihood will not go up in flames in the event of a fire. Give us at the Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp. a call today for more information. You may also visit us online at in order to take a look at our full selection of commercial fire protection services.

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