Regulatory Compliance Training-Remove the Barriers

by | Jun 2, 2017 | business services

There are different delivery methods for regulatory compliance training, but only one best method.  Thanks to modern technology and reliable security protection on that technology, you can easily have the deliverable method that will ensure that every member has equal opportunity to take this type of training.

The Barriers to Training
Making sure that all members have access to regulatory compliance training is crucial. It can be particularly difficult to ensure that everyone gets this training if you are dealing with:
*An international workforce
*Field offices
*Field reps that travel

One of the best ways to remove the barriers to ensuring everyone gets the training that is needed to provide it online. Online access easy meets the needs of every workforce no matter where they are located.  Field reps will have the training without having to travel back to the main office. International offices will have the same training as US based employees.

Time Sacrifice
Traditionally on-site training required a great deal of “time dedication” not just for the class but for the training liaison to make the arrangements. The employees would have to be shuttled to the training site which of course, took time. A site would have to be secured to manage the training, which also took time. Scheduling the event required a lot of back and forth with different players. The time sacrifice that was dedicated to this training was/is a barrier. If you take the online route (which most big corporations do) the process is fluid and reduces the amount of time that has to be dedicated.

Cost Effectiveness
The right training is easily deliverable and is cost effective. Online delivery is one of the most cost effective options for training. The savings can be realized in:

*Travel costs associated with on-site training
*Loss of productivity due to travel time

Interactive Services has the training that removes barriers!

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