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Replace Your Worn Teak Boat Deck with Modern, Non-Skid Foam Decking

Teak decking has been traditionally used for boat decks for centuries. It’s non-slip, mold-resistant, termite resistant, and stays cool, even under a brutal, tropical sun. But today, cross-linked PE/EVA foam has superseded teak as the boat decking of choice.

This ultra-modern nautical decking material can be customized to any boat, in a wide array of colors and designs. It can even imitate traditional teak decking. Moreover, special logos can be custom printed into the material, as well as rulers on a fishing boat to measure a catch.

Cross-linked PE/EVA foam decks coated with PSA and UV Protectants are surprisingly durable, and often come with a 4-year warranty.

Unlike teak, high-tech foam boat decking is maintenance-free. While teak has a coveted warm and natural, traditional look, it requires a lot of very specific maintenance. If you own a boat with teak decking that has not been maintained, water could be seeping into the coring of your boat. As you know, this will create a lot of very expensive and hard to repair the damage. If this is the case, consider having the teak replaced with modern, non-skid foam decking.

Saying goodbye to your teak deck might be hard, but imagine a fresh, new look for your boat. Non-skid foam can be custom-made in nearly any color and style. Your old boat will look new, and last for many more years, with custom-made, non-skid foam boat decking.

DEKit is a leading manufacturer, designer, and installer of beautiful, custom, non-skid boat decking.