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There is a Boat Decking That’s Much Better Than Natural Teak

Beautiful teak decking is the standard for boat builders because it’s very water-resistant and slip-resistant. Real teak used for boat decks only grows in Southeast Asia, making it rare and expensive.

Genuine teak is not just expensive, it also has a few disadvantages. Unless it’s properly maintained, water can eventually seep into the hull. If that happens, boat owners have a big, expensive repair.

The good news is, there are teak alternatives that look and perform great. Topping the list is custom foam boat decking that looks like teak decking. Moreover, if you don’t like the look of teak, you can get foam boat decking in many different colors and designs. It’s comfortable, good-looking, and can last for years.

Foam boat decking not only can be customized with different tread patterns and colors but logos and rulers can also be embossed. Rulers make it easy to measure your record-breaking catch, and your logo lets people know who caught it.

Unlike teak decking, foam decking is very easy to maintain. Cleaning is simple when you use a mild cleaner worked in with a medium bristle brush.

Custom foam boat decking begins with a digital scan of your boat’s deck. Next, a CAD designer maps out a pattern to fit your deck perfectly. Next, the pieces are cut out of the foam you have chosen. The pieces adhere directly to the boat’s deck. The finished deck not only looks great, but it’s also safe and comfortable.