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by | Aug 14, 2023 | College

Are you interested in a fast-growing career field that can promise a competitive salary? Then respiratory care therapy is the right course for you. Statistics from PayScale show that the average salary of a respiratory therapist assistant as of February 2022 was $60,150.

However, to achieve this career position, you must obtain a degree in respiratory care therapy. Here is how.

Education for Respiratory Therapists

To become a respiratory therapist, you must fully undertake an associate training program, usually lasting two years. Some institutions, like Platt College, can offer you this associate respiratory therapy degree in Anaheim within 18 months. Upon completing the program, you are eligible for a national exam. These include the Multi-Choice Examination (CSE) and Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT), which will see you through the program’s certification and licensing.

Why Choose Platt College, Anaheim?

The key to being a valued member of the healthcare industry is getting certification from an accredited institution. Platt College is a noteworthy institution that offers essential knowledge and skills in the healthcare industry and is licensed (CoARC)

The institution also has convenient class schedules and provides full-time on-site career services. By choosing the Anaheim campus, you are sure of your eligibility for a certified Respiratory Assisting Degree and advancement in your career.

Respiratory Therapist at a Glance

After completing this program, who are you? What skills do you have, what will be your professional roles, and what work environments will you dwell in? Here is a respiratory therapist at a glance.

Skills and Professional Roles

Our associate degree program is designed to ensure that you have problem-solving, critical thinking, listening, and technical respiratory therapist skills. With these skills, you can comfortably manage respiratory assisting professional duties like assisting physicians in diagnosing, testing, and managing cardiopulmonary deficiency. You can also measure and monitor heart functions and treat newborns suffering from coronary heart disease and pneumonia.

Work Environments

The most common workplace for respiratory assistants in hospitals. However, recruitment is increasing into long-term care facilities, elder-care institutions, and home care settings. Some also work in respiratory therapy clinics and emergency centers.

Is Respiratory Therapy a Career Worth Pursuing?

Pursuing this career is the best option, especially if you want to step into the healthcare setting. The U.S. Bureau of Statistics suggests that job opportunities for this career are expected to grow with the increasing need for highly-skilled respiratory therapists. Also, its average salary, $60,150, is expected to rise due to increased access to training and education.

Paving the Path to Excellence in Respiratory Therapy

At Platt College, we ensure you attain the associate degree that equips you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to advance in your respiratory career. With us, you will learn the technical tricks of the trade and how to administer medications or use ventilation to help patients who have difficulty breathing. Join us today to sharpen your Respiratory Therapy Skills!

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