Signs That Pup Didn’t Enjoy the Dog Walker You Hired

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Pet Care

There are many dog breeds in New York City, dozens of them. NYC neighborhoods are famous for different breeds. The size or age of your dog shouldn’t matter. Whether it is French bulldog or German Shepherd, whether it is Labrador retriever or Golden retriever, whether it is Havanese or Pomeranian, a dog walker NYC should be able to cater for them all.

More Sleep
Let us call him Pup and assign him the male gender. If after a session with your dog walker, Pup exhibits a tendency to sleep more than it is his norm then take note. This is abnormal behavior and should be accounted for. More sleep for Pup may mean that his state of mind isn’t stable. Dogs are more like human beings.

Food Does Little to Stir Him Up
If the reaction to food is mild or nonexistent, Pup probably didn’t enjoy the dog walker. You should also look out when he doesn’t finish his share of food. Each dog breed in New York City has its own temperament.

A Limp Tail
The activity of a dog’s tail should communicate enough information. A dog tail has a thermometer’s accuracy when it comes to uncovering the deepest feelings of your dog. A wagging tail is good news. A limp tail is bad news. You should note any changes in Pup’s tail activity between the time the dog walker NYC picks him up and the time the dog walker returns him.

He Is Aggressive
If your dog is suddenly aggressive, you have reason to be alarmed. It means your dog is insecure. Aggression in a dog is shown by open hostility to human beings and other dogs. Aggression is observed through sound and action.

If anything is out of character with Pup after a dog walker’s session, you should take immediate action: an animal psychiatrist. But why go to all these trouble when you can stop it in the first place. Hire a reliable dog walker NYC today.

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