The Non-Catholic’s Guide to Planning a Catholic Burial for Your Observant Loved One

by | Jul 1, 2024 | Funeral Services

Funerals and burial rites are very personal. For people of faith, this often involves specific religious traditions and rituals. This can be confusing for the loved ones left behind by the faithful, especially if they did not share their faith.

If you are responsible for burying a loved one who was a faithful Catholic, the traditions associated with Catholic burial can be confusing and overwhelming. This guide is your cheat sheet for hosting a proper Catholic burial that your loved one would have been proud of.

Partner with a Good Funeral Company

When you are flying blind when planning a loved one’s religious funeral, it can be very helpful to work with an experienced funeral service company in San Pablo. These professionals understand the rites and traditions expected for most religious burials. They can help you navigate the process through this experience, offering professional support throughout.

Understand Catholic Burial Traditions

Catholic funerals traditionally include three components. These are:

• The vigil. This may also be called a wake, and it is an opportunity for loved ones to meet and mourn in a respectful setting.

• Funeral mass. This is the ritual performed as the main part of the funeral, including special prayers and readings. This may be performed at the funeral home, although some churches require it to be performed at the decedent’s church.

• Rite of committal. This is the final element of a Catholic burial and is the commitment of the spirit to the hands of God as the body is laid to rest.

Reach Out to Your Loved One’s Church

Lastly, talk to the clergy at your loved one’s church. They can offer you assistance with the planning process as well as help you understand the religious rites and rituals that are expected. This can also be a great experience for your grieving family as you meet and speak with the people who shared your loved one’s faith and life with them.

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