Trade Show Exhibits: Three Design Essentials You Should Keep in Mind

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Trade Show Services

Owning a customized trade show exhibit comes in handy in a number of situations. Since you want the exhibit to serve as an ambassador for your company, it makes sense to pay close attention to all of the design elements. As you consider different ideas for your brand’s trade show exhibit design, keep these essentials in mind.

You Want Versatility

The plan is to use the exhibit in a number of different settings. Some of the venues will allow quite a bit of space, while other venues may require that you scale things back a bit. When designing your exhibit, make sure it can be assembled in modules. This allows you to adapt it so the exhibit is fine for a chamber of commerce event, a job fair, an industry convention, or even some sort of event sponsored by one of your primary customers.

The Setup Should Be Quick and Easy

Make sure that the trade show exhibit design you choose allows for quick assembly. Ideally, the team who will work the exhibit for the upcoming event can arrive, unpack the materials, and have the exhibit ready for decorative elements in 30 minutes or less. That leaves more time to check out what else is going on at the event and maybe do a little networking.

Storage and Shipping is Something to Consider Too

When not in use, your trade show exhibit design will need to be stored. While you can use a third party for that, it’s often more convenient to have it at your place of business. That’s certainly true if you anticipate using it at local as well as national events. A basic exhibit that fits neatly into a case and can be tucked away in a closet or similar space works well for many types of businesses.

Remember that the goal is to invest in a design that will serve the business well for a number of years. Talk with a professional about what you have in mind and it will be easy to settle on the basic elements.

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