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Some Information About a Generally Useful Storage and Shipping Container

In the field of cardboard boxes, there are many varieties to choose from. However, the regular slotted container or RSC box is one of the more generally useful containers available on the market. It can serve several purposes. Designed for Functionality The builds upon thousands of years of knowledge. The arch is one of the strongest supports found in architecture. Corrugated boxes incorporate arches and curves in the form of flutes.

Looking at the cardboard in cross section reveals this design. The gentle curves and arches running between the cardboard sheet’s exterior and interior sides are these flutes. When the box’s sides experience pressure, the arches compress, resisting the pressure change. When the pressure ceases, the arches return to their original shape. It is a simple but elegant way to resist external forces.

A Great Storage Box The RSC box is the familiar corrugated unit with flaps. These allow quick construction and deconstruction when needed. However, provided the box rests in a proper environment, it can store materials for seven or more years. As anyone who has moved can tell you, this longevity is a good thing. Most homes have at least one of these boxes holding knickknacks of one sort or another.

A Better Shipping Box Its design and strength make the RSC box one of the most useful shipping containers around. It sees a lot of use with various delivery services. That combination of the flutes along with temperature and moisture-resistant materials create a versatile, functional unit. Every major company that ships products uses corrugated cardboard.

It is easy to overlook the regular slotted container because of its ubiquity. However, its dominant presence in the marketplace is due to its rigorous construction and wide variety of uses. This type of box really is an unsung hero of the shipping world.