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What to Expect at an IVF Center in Irvine, CA

When couples struggle to conceive, they often need medical intervention to help them grow their families. Your OB-GYN may refer you to an IVF center in Irvine, CA, to ensure the best care and the highest chances of success. Knowing what to expect during your consultation and treatment can give you peace of mind.

Medical History and Tests

During your initial consultation at an IVF center in Irvine, CA, your doctor will ask questions about your medical history, medications, and how long you have been trying to conceive. This information is valuable in determining which tests you need. They will then order the necessary tests for both parties to evaluate fertility and choose the best treatment plan.

Scheduling Treatment

After determining if IVF is right for you or if another treatment better suits your needs, the IVF center in Irvine, CA, will schedule your treatment. IVF requires harvesting eggs and collecting sperm samples to fertilize the eggs in a lab. They will monitor the embryos to determine whether they are viable and choose which ones to transfer with a high success rate. This treatment plan requires multiple visits and may take several months to complete.

Pregnancy Care

In many cases, couples who successfully conceive through an IVF center in Irvine, CA, will remain under their care for the first portion of the pregnancy. The medical team will monitor the embryo’s growth to ensure a healthy pregnancy. After clearing the mother, she will transfer to care from her regular OB-GYN for the remainder of the pregnancy.

If you’re looking for an IVF center in Irvine, CA, visit the Reproductive Health Wellness Center Long Beach website to schedule a consultation.