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The Advantages Of Choosing Sorbo Products

The founder of Sorbo, Sorbo Samuelsson, owned a cleaning company in California, the United States for many decades. During that time, he invented many tools to help professional window cleaners be excellent at their job. His goal was always to be competitive, profitable, and deliver high-quality products and service to his customers. Over the years, the company made more money than other cleaning companies could, but their goal of always providing excellent hasn’t wavered. They only choose particular distributors and dealers that are worthy to carry the brand, which means if you find a company that offers it, they were hand-selected to do so by the CEO.

Sorbo Products, Inc. has earned a few critics because they don’t allow just anyone to sell their brand, but they do so for the customer’s benefit. You never have to worry that their products aren’t the best because the distributors they choose also have the same principles in mind. They’ve got a variety of product options, but their most popular is the 3X3 adjustable squeegee feature. That design paved the ways for new cleaning tools, but it is still the most popular option. It’s made of aluminium, is rigid, and can reach up to 78 inches tall.

At WWWCS, they know how challenging it is to find the right window cleaning tools, which is why they have a variety of brands and styles. They are one of the few chosen companies in Australia that are allowed to sell the Sorbo product line, which means they have shown the company owner that they have the right abilities and principles. You can rest easy knowing that they are going to provide you with high-quality products that are going to last many years. While the brand is primarily American, it has touched the hearts of window cleaners all over the world and deserved a place in your cleaning company.