Why is Angus Beef so Special?

by | Dec 28, 2021 | Farming

Not long ago, Angus beef surprisingly became popular, especially in Australia. It grew from a respected little-known breed to a world-class household name. But are you wondering how Angus beef compares to meat from other breeds? Here’s all the information you need to assure you that Angus beef has its class and what makes it unique.


Many might think Angus is a marketing word and it doesn’t need all the hype. However, this breed of cattle is among the longest standing in the agricultural sector. The breed is bred all over the world and provides immense availability of genetics.

Due to this, it allows the cattle to respond well to new challenges and meet the high demand. The breed originated in Scotland and was introduced in Australia in 1824. Now there are countless Angus herds in the U.S and Australia. As mentioned earlier, the breed is famous for continuously and consistently delivering the best quality of beef.

Due to the rigorous certification and meat standards grading system, you will continue enjoying an outstanding eating experience every time. And if you are looking for an Angus cow for sale you can visit farms rearing this breed.

Superior Marbling

The uniqueness of Angus beef comes from its magnificent:

  • Marbling
  • Texture
  • Tenderness and flavor

If you are not familiar with the term marbling. It’s the fatty white streaks throughout a cut of beef. Its name comes from marble since it resembles a marble pattern. When it comes to meat, the even distribution of fat increases the beef quality.

In addition, it makes the meat juicier, delicious with more tenderness and rich flavor, changing the whole eating experience. Considering all the above reasons why the Angus beef is popular and unique, adds more joy to your dining experience.

No one hates to have beef that tastes well and makes you salivate just by looking at it. So, if you didn’t know about the Angus beef, it’s time you tried it. But, then, when you taste it, you will always look forward to the next time and never desire any other kind of beef Willer Timber Ridge.

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