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Would You Like To Receive a Free Government Phone in Wisconsin?

Are you finding it challenging to make ends meet each month? Being able to pay for food and housing and affording a smartphone in this situation can be difficult. Fortunately, you can receive a free government phone in Wisconsin if you meet eligibility requirements through the Lifeline service. Meeting these requirements can be done by participating in specific government programs.

How Can You Receive a Free Government Phone in Wisconsin?

If you’d like to get a smartphone and not have to pay for it, there’s a solution. However, you must be participating in government programs like Medicaid, SSI or Federal Public Housing Assistance. Meeting these requirements can provide you with a smartphone and make you eligible for the Emergency Broadband Benefits Program.

What Is the Emergency Broadband Benefits Program?

The expense of smartphone services can be costly. With the Emergency Broadband Benefits Program (EBB Program) you can be eligible to receive unlimited text, data and talk. If you meet the eligibility requirements for the Lifeline service, you’ll also be able to receive the perks of the EBB Program, saving you a significant amount of money.

Easier and Affordable To Communicate

Using Lifeline and the EBB Program can be highly advantageous in allowing you to communicate with family and friends inexpensively when you are already participating in government assistance programs such as SNAP or Section 8 housing. Learning more about the company that can provide you with a smartphone can be completed by visiting Infiniti Mobile at