What Is the Difference Between Non Denominational & Traditional Churches

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Religion

With the many different ways that any one person can express his or her personal beliefs, it can be confusing for those both new and familiar with the Christian faith. One of these perplexing topics is the idea of non-denominational and traditional churches. Is one better than the other? Though neither option is one that suits every single Christian, there are definitely differences between the two, which means one or the other could be better suited for you. If you have been looking for a clear answer as to the differences between the two, then read on to find out more about the subject.

Defining Traditional and Non-Denominational Churches
To put it simply, traditional churches belong to wider denominations, while non-denominational churches do not fall under any particular denomination. A traditional church does not govern itself, and often has to report to somebody of higher authority in terms of the church’s hierarchy. Therefore, a traditional church congregation cannot make any final decisions without outside influences. Non-denominational churches, on the other hand, have a lot more freedom to run themselves as they so desire. They can thus guide their local ministry without worrying about any interference from external groups.

Differences in Structure
Typically, traditional churches are led by the elders of the congregation. and the pastors tend to be comprised of all males. However, non-denominational churches have much more flexibility and diversity in this regard, as pastors—not necessarily the elders—tend to lead the church. Plus, they also allow pastors to be female, according to People of Our Everyday Life.

Whether you are looking for a church to attend in Jacksonville, FL, or elsewhere, we hope that this article has helped you figure out which type of church you would prefer to go to. We wish you the best of luck on your personal spiritual journey.

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