How Does a Burglar Alarm Work?

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Security System Supplier

Have you ever sat and wondered exactly how a burglar alarm works? It’s not an uncommon question, especially among those who utilize a residential alarm system in Atlantic Beach, FL. These systems use advanced technology to monitor windows and doors, as well as the interior space of a home or business. In most cases, these alarms do their jobs, but it can still be intriguing to find out exactly how they do it.

Alarms Defined

A burglar alarm consists of a network of electronic devices that work together, along with a central control panel, to prevent illegal entry, theft, and unwanted intruders. There are many different names used for burglar alarms and most include the phrase “security system.” This just means that the device is secured using devices and components working in tandem.

Burglar Alarm Components

There are several pieces that make up an alarm system. While your system may not include every one of these items, most of them are typically included when you purchase a residential alarm system in Atlantic Beach, FL.

  • Control Panel
  • Motion Sensors
  • Magnetic Contact
  • Remote Control Key Fobs
  • Wireless of Wired Security Cameras
  • Strobe Siren or Decibel Siren
  • Yard Sign and Window Stickers

How the Alarm Works

The control panel of your unit is what communicates with the other components of the alarm system. It makes the noises sound when a senor is breached and contacts your security company or yourself if something happens you should be aware of. In most cases, this part also offers a touchpad and LCD screen to interact with the system itself.

The motion sensors are the part of the system that determines if someone breaches a space through infrared detection. These are often used in indoor rooms by senses changes in energy level if an intruder enters the home.

The siren is probably the most important component of the alarm as it makes the noise that may scare off an intruder or would-be thief. If you have a strobe siren instead, it will make large amounts of light that can be noticed by neighbors or others in the area.

When something happens, and the alarm starts to sound, the company that installed your residential alarm system in Atlantic Beach, FL, will be alerted to the problem. The loud siren will begin to go off, along with strobe lights, if applicable. You may receive a phone call from the security company to determine how to handle the issue.

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