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Importance of Having Routine Termite Inspections Completed on Your Property

Termites are insects that love to eat wood and can cause severe structural damage to a building. A colony can consist of over three million termites that will burrow into the woodwork of a structure to weaken the wood. In addition to eating away at any furniture or other items that are made from wood. While problems may not occur immediately to the building or objects, if left unattended, the damage can be distressing and costly for the property owner to repair. With routine termite inspections in Ventura, you can minimize the risk of a severe infestation and treat the problem before major damage is done to the structure of a home or business. However, there are a few signs you can look for in between inspections that can alert you to a potential termite problem.

Signs Your Property May Have a Termite Infestation

  • When you tap on the wood material and hear a hollow sound can be a sign of termites in your home.
  • Noticeable small pin like holes in your drywall.
  • Drywall will droop or be discolored.
  • Wood starts to crumble or is damaged by a possible termite infestation.
  • You notice termites flying around your property.
  • A pile of pellets left from the termites that look like a pile of salt.
  • Noticeable maze-like patterns can be found in the wood floorboards or furniture around your home.

Schedule Your Inspection Today

Whether it is time for your routine termite inspection in Ventura or you notice the signs of termites, you should contact the experts at Casner Exterminating Inc. to have your home or business inspected. They will perform a full inspection of your property to determine if you have a problem. If they notice termites, they will consult with you on the options available to help solve your issue.