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Important Information About Industrial Lubricant Additives

Italmatch Lubricants takes pride in providing one-of-a-kind industrial lubricant additives to fulfill the particular requirements of industrial applications. As a result, they build trust, obtain a complete grasp of business needs, and ensure that the clients get the appropriate answer every time they have regarding their additives.

Tailormade Additive Solutions

From the beginning, the company has endeavoured to provide the most acceptable quality industrial lubricant additives to meet their clients’ needs. Some of the most popular products include:

Elco Sulfurized Extreme Pressure (Dark and Light Color)

Modifiers for phosphorus and friction

Indicators of corrosion scrumptious oils

Agents that prevent wear

Additives for Metalworking Fluid Industry

Italmatch offers a wide range of industrial lubricants for diverse applications and processes in the automotive and industrial markets. Their high-performance metalworking fluid additives provide exceptional emulsification, anti-wear and extreme pressure resistance. In addition, it is resistant to corrosion, foam reduction, and other benefits. The components are applied to create a variety of neat and soluble oil compositions for light to heavy-duty applications.

High-Performance Chemicals For Lubricants

The brand is well-known for high-performance industrial lubricant additives. High-performance lubricants from Italmatch Chemicals can endure high heat, extending performance and saving downtime. Ketjenlube Polymer Esters, Synthetic and Fatty Acid Esters, Amides, Fatty Acid Chlorides, ASA/PIBSA, and organic phosphorus derivatives are all part of the lubricant product portfolio.

Most materials and painted surfaces are unaffected. They can work with practically any substance they come into contact with. Contact the firm at for additional information and products. Their knowledgeable personnel will assist you with technological issues.