Key Factors to Consider When Investing in a Wrapping Machine

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Business

There are several considerations to make before bringing a wrapping machine into your service line. Chief among these are the direct benefits such a machine can make for your company. Compared to manual techniques, an industrial device can deliver cost-saving features to any workspace.

Reductions in Damage

Industrial wrapping machines can reduce damages on two different fronts. First, products and materials show a marked reduction in damage when a machine performs the wrapping as opposed to manual techniques. Second, wrapping machines are also responsible for reduced worker injuries. Instead of dealing with packaging materials and cutting blades, the worker can instead focus on operating the machine and performing sustaining tasks.

Increase in Speed

While hand wrapping can take a variable amount of time to perform, industrial wrapping machines can completely seal a pallet in approximately one minute. In addition, materials can remain on the pallet. A machine can wrap objects onto a pallet along the horizontal axis. As well, shapes are immaterial with many machines. Industrial machines can wrap standard, oversized and irregular shaped loads with equal ease and speed.

Improvements in Quality

Using an industrial wrapping machine to perform packaging tasks also shows a direct improvement on the final wrap’s quality. Reducing direct human contact with the process reduces the vectors for introducing errors in the performance and overall quality. Manual technique quality suffer due to a host of variables, including individual experience as well as health and wellness concerns. People can have a bad day. Once they are set up and maintained, machines will operate in dependable ways for long durations.

While even partial automation can lead some workers to fear for their jobs, machines are a godsend for many companies. They free up the workforce to focus their attentions on tasks that require a more human touch and flexibility. Industrial wrappers and similar devices can directly address several shop floor concerns, making a shop more productive and efficient.

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