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Managing Unwanted Body And Facial Hair Through Waxing In St Johns FL

Many individuals suffer from the luxury of hair in places where it should not be too evident. While is without doubt that a luxurious mane of hair is considered as the crowning glory of a woman, there are other parts of the body where hair is unwanted. Shaving and waxing are the two forms of hair removal that everybody is familiar with and while shaving is a DIY technique that can easily be performed inside the bathroom, waxing is a routine ceremony typically performed in beauty salons and spas. However, despite the cost, many individuals have been converted to Sushila’s Beauty Care for hair removal.

Benefits of waxing over shaving

  • Shaving is for the guys, since they tend to have facial and body hair that grows rather quickly. On the other hand, an abundance of hair on men is not considered unsightly which is not so for women. Even if shaving causes stubbles on men, they don’t feel overly conscious since this is a common occurrence among the male species. For women, shaving may cause cuts and nicks which is not welcome as it can easily leave scars.
  • Shaving causes stubbles and if women will not shave regularly, the legs will feel rough and unsightly. Waxing removes hair from the roots and produces smoother results.
  • Women with sensitive skins offer suffer skin irritations from shaving. This concern is easily solved by waxing, as there are no harsh chemicals involved in waxing in St Johns FL.
  • Hair re-growth tends to become slower after waxing since the hair roots are removed. Indirectly, the skin is exfoliated since dead skin cells are removed from the surface leaving a skin that is both smooth and supple.
  • Contrary to belief of the majority, waxing is not actually painful though it cannot be considered as totally pain free; however, it is not only convenient but fast without any minor cuts or discolorations.
  • Another form of hair removal is through creams which are often used before taking a shower. After shampooing, conditioning and soaping the body, the cream and unwanted hair is easily washed off to leave a smooth and hair-free skin however, there are creams that can be irritating especially the extra-strength cream that are best left for those who have no problems with skin sensitivity. The creams provide the same short term benefits as shaving since it only removes the hair from the surface and not the roots.

Even if waxing can be done inside the home, a professional job will certainly enhance the benefits because of the high standards of quality and hygiene. Aside from the removal of hair on the legs and arms including the bikini area, most women undergo waxing for removal of facial hair on the upper lip. The eyebrows are also shaped in the process as part of the beauty regimen. Waxing also has disadvantages and this can only be minimized through professional Sushila’s Beauty Care. They know their job and have perfected the procedures on how to minimize any unsatisfactory side effects on the skin.