Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine Replaces Banding

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Packing

There are a couple of problems with banding your pallets instead of using a pallet stretch wrapping machine. Banding is the old way of doing things, and certainly not the best way of doing things. Banding is a labor-intensive practice even when it is semi-automated, it is also costlier than what a pallet stretch wrapping machine can do.

Delivering Exceptional Protection Faster

It is vital to your operation that everything moves right along. Banding can be a time-consuming practice that can stall the pack and ship part of your operation. Stretch wrapping is a preferred method when speed and safety are important.

Wrap Odd Shapes

If you have ever tried to band odd shapes to a pallet you know that it is a study in frustration. Struggling to secure odd shaped goods to a pallet can cause the workflow to slow. In most cases when odd shaped items are banded to a pallet the level of security for those items can be questionable. A pallet wrapping machine quickly wraps any size or shape load to the pallet.

Less Waste, Less Injuries

Banding can increase waste and the risk of injury. The more workers come must use their hands to handle materials the more the risk of injury is increased. With an automated system that can wrap goods while they are on the pallet, the worker can stay out of the way and reduce the risk of being injured. Of course, a machine can also help to reduce the level of waste. The wrapping is done consistently using exacting amount of film. Less film and materials wind up on the floor. TAB Industries has the stretch wrap machine that is taking the manufacturing world by storm. Learn more about how to get rid of pallet banding for good with TAB Industries.

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