The Advantages of CCTV Access Control

by | May 5, 2022 | Fire and Security

There are a lot of advantages associated with CCTV access control in Louisville KY. The first advantage of this type of control is that it offers an increased level of security as it eliminates non-programmable access devices and untraceable keys therefore providing controlled access to the facility. This access system allows for a paper trail of transactions by recording all times and dates.

This access control is able to provide access time zones and levels. It is possible to program a contractor, pool cleaning company, weekly nurse or maid etc so that they have access whilst they are previously programmed levels and times for entry. These access controls will mean that they have access to the front gate but are unable to access the club house and they will only have access on the times and days that have been agreed.

It is possible to set the access control with holiday schedules which allows for flexibility to access on the pre agreed times. These security devices will cut down on the amount of time that staff members will need to be employed to cover. This security system is also able to offer an instant lock out which means that access will be denied simply by changing the level of access.

When the camera based security system is added to the integrated system it is able to provide forensic evidence. The advanced system that feature camera can be very useful if anything ever needs to be taken to court. The area where this information will be of most use is in a gated community. Research has found that there is as one hundred per cent success rate when it comes to identifying the vehicle that has crashed into gates. The key to be able to use this information appropriately is to correctly design the layout of the equipment and use the equipment correctly.

There is many other features and benefits of the CCTV access control systems in Louisville KY. Nowadays the advancement in technology has meant that technology that can be used for security is limitless and there is something to suit all requirements. The key to the design of the system is that best fits the community requirements will provide the best features for your use.

There is a lot of technology that is concerned with controlled access and this includes resources, personnel and also resources. All of this technology is very useful in a range of different circumstances including board meetings, building sites and other commercial and residential areas.

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