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Top Challenges For Companies In Recruiting Sales Talent

Companies often find it extremely difficult to attract the ideal sales talent. There are several reasons why this is a factor and why outsourcing the task of recruiting sales talent is better managed by a sales staffing agency.

Taking a closer look at these challenges can shed light on why so many companies never have a full sales team or take months to fill positions even in high paying sales jobs.

Specific Skills

A significant challenge in recruiting sales talent is matching the skill set of the potential candidates with the needs of the team. The more specific the posting is about skill sets, the lower the potential number of candidates.

At the same time, those with the skill set may be in very high demand. This can create the possibility of the candidate having multiple job interviews. Companies that are slow in processing applications simply lose out.

High Demand

Sales jobs at more advanced levels are vacant simply due to a low number of potential candidates. The more experience the employer wants, the lower the number of qualified candidates looking for work. Poorly written job postings may get a lot of applications, with very few qualified candidates in the mix.

At the same time, any resumes from past attempts at recruiting sales talent may not provide any candidates still looking for work. This, combined with the fact that relying on old strategies for hiring is no longer effective, makes recruiting top sales professionals difficult.

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