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Troubleshooting Garage Doors In Charleston, WV

Few people spend time thinking about their garage doors until a problem arises. When a garage door malfunctions, most people hope for the quickest fix possible since a garage door that won’t close poses a security risk. There are three things home and business owners can check to quickly assess and even solve their garage door woes.

Check The Transmitter

First, check the garage door remote or wall-mounted transmitter. If the batteries are old, leaking, or dead, simply replacing the old batteries could be the fast fix you’re looking for. Be sure the positive and negative ends of the new batteries align with the plus and minus symbols in the transmitter.

Check The Photo Eyes

The next thing to check is the alignment of the garage door photo eye. If the garage door goes up, but won’t come down, look for the tiny camera like devices located on the garage door track near the floor. There should be one on each side of the door. As a safety measure, these devices communicate with an invisible laser. When the beam is broken, the garage door will “assume” there is a person or object in the way. These devices are easily knocked out of alignment if something bumps them. Make sure the lenses line up, are clean, and their path is clear.

Check The Disconnect Switch

It’s possible the disconnect switch has been triggered. All garage doors are equipped with a disconnect switch that allows them to be raised or lowered manually in the event of a power outage. The switch is usually attached to a rope or knob. It’s possible the rope was pulled or bumped to cause it to unhook the switch inside the opener. The fix will likely involve a step-ladder to reach the motor. Simply open the door to the motor and reattach the hook.

If these solutions don’t work, the chances are there is a problem with track alignment or a broken spring. These problems require some knowledge and skill and could prove dangerous to anyone without experience who tries to fix them. If you’ve checked the three things listed here and are still experiencing problems with your Garage Doors in Charleston WV, it’s time to call a professional.

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