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What to Know Before Hiring Services for Commercial Garage Door Installations in Abbotsford

A commercial garage door is vital for anybody running a business that relies on a garage workshop or a garage that’s used to store goods and other business assets. A properly installed garage door gives customers a great first impression of your business from the outside. Also, a garage door that is properly maintained will suggest that a company cares about its business and customers. There are many types of garage doors on the market today. It is important to choose a garage door that is not only functional but also withstands the daily operations in the toughest industrial environment. Here are some factors to consider before hiring services of commercial garage door installations in Abbotsford.


One of the major factors to take into account when choosing a commercial garage door is security. Some business owners opt to install security systems on their garage doors while others install security grills over the door. While all this is important, it is imperative to take into consideration the toughness of the garage door. In terms of toughness, most people opt for steel doors. Steel garage doors are durable and easy to maintain.


The quality and construction of a garage door greatly affect its price, and so do the types of materials used. Cheap garage doors usually have a shorter lifespan and require more frequent maintenance. Garage door repair is also a function of how much the door is used. Thus, if a door is raised and lowered many times to accommodate customers, higher quality and higher price may well prove to be the better investment.

Energy Efficiency

The material used to make a garage door plays a big role in determining how energy efficient it will be. Steel doors without windows are considered more energy efficient than aluminum doors with windows. There many options for adding insulation to increase the R-Value of a garage door. For instance, spraying polyurethane into the door helps to create a strong thermal seal. Polyurethane has a high R-Value and is commonly used to increase the energy efficiency of garage doors.

Other top factors to take into consideration when choosing a garage door include maintenance levels, design, purpose, and convenience. For more information about commercial garage door installations in Abbotsford, visit Doorcare.