Why Printers in NYC NY Are Still Important for Retailer Newsletters

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Printing

With digital work taking up so much of the business world now, people might have expected the most printed material to have disappeared already. That hasn’t been the case, although some industries have been hurt by the shift to digital media. Printers in NYC NY still have important services to offer their clients in various types of projects. Those materials can be more effective at promotion and maintaining positive relationships with customers than digital items normally are.

Consider how much commercial email is never opened by individuals who are tired of seeing their inbox filled with advertising. Retailers that still produce newsletters on paper and mail them to customers through the postal service gain significantly better readership than those only sending newsletters by email. Research has verified that people read printed material as generated by Printers in NYC NY much more thoroughly than they do digital text. They spend more time with it, and they don’t trash it as quickly either. A newsletter might remain on a coffee table or desk for days or even weeks, while the digital version is deleted almost immediately.

Many businesses have found that sending both a digital and a print version of their newsletter is the best solution. Printing and physical mailing cost more than sending email, but the cost is made up by revenue from customers who receive those items. Including a general coupon with each newsletter, as produced by a company such as Printing Express, is a way to practically guarantee that the recipient will open the mail and at least look through the pages. The coupon shouldn’t be specific to one item; it should reach a very broad range of customers. For instance, a 10-percent discount on any one item in the pet department or personal care department are good bets, especially if either one is acceptable for the coupon. A restaurant might always include a 10-percent discount coupon for the buffet lunch. Consider that newspapers still routinely carry a large number of coupons and that retail stores offer printed flyers advertising their sales. People still enjoy having that paper in their hands to peruse at their leisure.

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