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Beat the Heat: How to Stay Cool This Summer

This summer promises to be one of the hottest ones in history. According to a recent report by The Weather Channel, temperatures on the east and west coasts are expected to be higher than normal.

With the rising temperatures, you’ll want to find ways to stay cool while you’re enjoying the summer sun or lounging in your house. Here’s how you can stay cool this summer.

Stay hydrated.
Nothing can quench your thirst like a glass of water. During the summer months, you must make it a priority to stay hydrated. Resist the urge to fill up on tea, soda and coffee.

Buy a portable battery operated fan.
Portable battery operated fans are ideal for camping trips, picnic and sporting events. Not only are they easy to carry, they are affordable. When you purchase a Cool On The Go fan, you can wear it, use it in a tent and put it on a baby stroller.

Wear loose-fitting clothing.
Fitted jeans and leggings are stylish clothing. However, they aren’t suitable clothing if you want to beat the heat. Opt for clothing styles that won’t cling to your skin.

Go swimming.
Relaxing in a pool of cold water may be just the thing you need to stay cool. Before you and your family go to the swimming pool, be sure to use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

Eat light foods.
Eating heavy foods can make you feel full and miserable during the summer months. This is especially true if you’re walking outside in the heat. Substitute heavier foods for fruits, salads, vegetable, lean meats and cold cuts.

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