Choosing the Best Commercial Pizza Oven: A Guide for Restaurateurs

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Cooking Equipment

Every restaurant kitchen needs the proper equipment to suit the needs for its menu and target diners. If you believe pizza could be a valuable addition to your menu, it may not hurt to consider investing in a commercial pizza oven. But remember: a pizza is only as good as the ingredients you use and the oven it’s cooked in. That’s why, if you are truly committed to adding pizza to your restaurant menu, you’ll have to invest in a high-quality industrial oven for your kitchen. Here’s how to choose the ideal oven.

Measure Your Kitchen Space

One of the first and most important aspects to consider when shopping for a new pizza oven is making sure it will be able to fit into your kitchen. The reasons for this are numerous. Firstly, you will not be able to use your oven if it won’t fit inside your restaurant kitchen in the first place. Second, the size of your oven is typically intertwined with its cooking ability. Smaller ovens don’t get as hot as larger ones, and they lose what heat they do gather much more quickly.

It’s recommended that you pick a small commercial pizza oven if you want to add pizza to your menu, but won’t be making them as often as your other items. If you expect to turn out a high volume of pizzas, a larger oven is a better investment.

Invest in the Best Level of Power

The frequency in which you’ll be making pizzas at your restaurant also plays a key part in how powerful a commercial pizza oven you will need. Again, if you trust you’ll often have to dish out pizzas to hungry customers, you’ll need a large, powerful oven that heats up and cooks your pies quickly and efficiently. As you shop around, you may want to consider speaking with professional vendors about your needs so they can help you to determine which model is best for your restaurant.

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