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How To Use A Spill Kit

Worksites that possess potentially dangerous chemicals usually have at least one or two spill kits in easily identifiable areas. These kits should be used in situations where a dangerous or hazardous chemical has spilled. While you should always consult a professional team in extreme cases, many worksites can use spill kits to contain and minimise damage. However, these items are only useful if individuals know how to use a spill kit properly. These are some few steps to take when using a spill kit, though keep in mind to read the instructions that came with your particular kit.

Step #1: Protect Yourself

Put on any required safety equipment before proceeding with the rest of the kit. Always inspect your kit after your purchase. If it did not come with safety equipment, check the manual to see if there are any recommendations. At a bare minimum, you should wear a protective mask, safety goggles, and rubber gloves each and every time you go near any hazardous spill. Most reputable safety equipment vendors will sell these items as part of a kit or individually. These safety items need to be secured before you can move on to the next step.

Step #2: Contain The Spill

Examine the area and block any drains or other areas through which the spill could spread. Your kit should include absorbent padding, booms or drain plugs for this precise purpose. Familiarise yourself with how to use these items quickly and accurately in an emergency situation. Once you have blocked potential escape routes, use additional booms to surround the spill, isolating it to one location.

Step #3: Clean The Spill

Clean up work can only begin once all the booms are in place, and all drains blocked. Begin cleaning with the outside circumference and slowly work your way toward the middle. Working in this direction helps to prevent the spill from spreading further and continues to contain it to one location. Don’t forget to properly clean or dispose of all equipment used, and to leave your kit restocked and ready for the next spill. Call Ecospill at 000 000 0000 today!