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The Steps Involved in Fire Damage Restoration

If there has been a fire in your home or business, the fire restoration process helps reverse damage and bring the building back to its former glory. Some companies will have different options than others, but most of them follow a few standard steps in handling the restoration process. Looking over this information can make you better prepared for what is coming if you experience fire damage.

Company Contact

The first step after a fire is to reach a fire damage restoration company to come out quickly and help provide you with assistance. Choosing a company with emergency services is the best option since they will be ready to head out and help, no matter when a fire happens. While firefighters and police will take care of putting out any fires, restoring the building is essential and should occur as soon as possible after the fire is put out.


When the restoration company reaches your property, contractors will assess the level of damage. This will include looking at how far the soot, smoke, and fire have traveled while determining the extent of damage to your furniture and walls. This process is crucial as it gives the company a plan for tackling the issue. This is also the point where you should be provided with a quote for services and a timeline for the fire restoration being completed.

Sealing & Tarping

The next step is to seal and tarp the property to avoid further problems. For instance, if you have a hole burned in a floor, this would be addressed first to prevent it from growing and becoming a more substantial issue.

Clean Up

After this, the soot and dust in the home will be cleaned away. This is the first step toward making the building look as it did before. The team will remove any odors from smoke, clean carpets, and even clean adjacent rooms from the fire, if needed. This will be followed by removing and disposing of any items that are damaged past the point of being usable.

Repairs & Renovation

This part of the process involves repairing damage and restoring furniture that was caught in the fire. Carpets may be installed new, while walls could be repainted, and furniture may be replaced or repaired, depending on its state. By the time this process is done, the property should look as if it was never involved in a fire and in some cases, may even look better than ever before.

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