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Homeowners Need Smoke Alarms, Find Options Suitable for Residential Areas

Residential areas typically have houses, apartments, and condos. People live in these areas and enjoy their creature comforts. They likely have televisions, computers, smartphones, and everything else required to live comfortably. However, most homeowners rarely think about the smoke alarms in their home. Some houses and apartment buildings aren’t equipped with these detectors, and it could be detrimental to your safety and health. If you don’t currently have them installed, it’s a good idea to purchase some and utilize them before a fire breaks out in your home.

How Many

Most people wonder just how many smoke alarms they need. While most insurance companies and law enforcement agencies require you to have at least one, it’s essential that you have enough so that you are alerted when there is a fire anywhere in the home. Therefore, consider putting one on each floor of the house, including the basement and attic if applicable. You should also have them installed just outside every sleeping area. Some people choose to put one right outside each bedroom for safety, though one is sufficient for each end of the hall. You may also want to put one in the den or living room if you sometimes sleep on the couch. Depending on the size of your home, you may require multiple alarm systems.


Most people aren’t aware of just how many choices they have available to them. You can choose a traditional alarm with battery operation. You can also find wired versions that use your home’s power source to power the alarm. Most of these have battery backup in case there is a storm.

Residential home smoke alarms must protect you in case of a fire. Visit First Alert to see their range of residential home smoke alarms.