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How To Succeed With Water Cartage

Transporting liquid from one area to another requires the right tools, and water cartage is essential for a variety of industries. Whether you need to take water with you to clean machinery, feed crops, or be available for spot fires, you need an appropriate tank, along with other accessories.

The tank should be made of polyethylene, which is sturdy and reliable without being overly heavy. You must also have an appropriate vehicle and mounting equipment so that the tank won’t slide off or tip the truck. Some tanks come with ball baffles installed, though you can purchase them separately, as well.

Water cartage tanks are designed to last for years. Most companies and manufacturers offer a 10-20-year warranty on their products to show the lifespan length. Of course, you must also ensure that they’re designed for outdoor use. Some tanks are actually for storage inside a facility. You must make sure that they can withstand the harsher Australian climates and sun. Therefore, you should look for UV-stabilised polyethylene. It should also be impact-resistant, which means you can bump it with farm equipment and it won’t burst open, spilling out the liquid and wasting it.

Tank Management Services offers water cartage solutions of up to 30,000 litres of water. You can also use their tanks for chemicals or fertiliser. Just remember that if you use it for one product, you shouldn’t use it for water or something else later. Purchase multiple tanks so that you can have access to fertiliser, chemicals, and water as necessary. While they are UV-stabilised to prevent contamination, you can cross-contaminate if you fill it with fertiliser, use all the product, and then use it for another chemical. TMS offers Rapid Spray products that are designed for durability and safety, allowing you to transport liquids farther.