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Your Child’s Belongings Always Make it Home with Labels Made in the USA

It’s that time of year again. The kids are on their way back to school. You’re tired of buying extra notebooks because they keep getting lost in the classroom. You don’t want to worry that your son or daughter’s favorite coat is going home with someone else. You want your child’s belongings to get back home. With stick-on clothing labels, you can have peace of mind. Even if there is some confusion, parents in another household will see your child’s colorful label and get in touch with you or the teacher.

Perfect for the Classroom and Sports

Stick on clothing labels are perfect for more than that extra change of clothes or those designer sneakers. Stick them in winter boots when everyone has the same thing. Poke one inside your child’s backpack in case someone grabs the wrong one. Put a label on notebooks and binders. Stick on labels are perfect when your child is taking up a sport. Uniforms all look identical. Poke a label with your child’s name in it to eliminate confusion. It will also save you money when you don’t have to buy a spare uniform.

Personalize Labels to Fit Your Child

When you choose stick-on clothing labels, you can pick a design that matches your child’s personality. Include a favorite animal, sport, or something decorative. Let your child help you pick the design that calls out his or her name. Choose more than one if you want to label clothing, school supplies, and sports uniforms. Explore your options at Label Daddy by visiting You can also connect them on Facebook.