First Alert, Inc. Manufactures Carbon Monoxide Alarms for Consumers

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Security System Supplier

Having a carbon monoxide alarm is as important as having a smoke alarm. One of the carbon monoxide alarm manufacturers that has the most extensive line of these devices is First Alert, Inc. Its selections include battery-operated, wireless, hard-wired and plug-in models.

You can choose a unit that operates using a 9-volt battery. Since carbon monoxide devices are all about safety, this one has locking pins. They help to deter people who try to remove the battery.

Like most of the other devices made by this company, one of the best-known carbon monoxide alarm manufacturers, the alarm sounds loudly at 85 decibels. But there is a button so you can silence it.

If you want to read the display easily, a device with a backlight and two AA batteries. is great. All these battery-operated units use batteries that are standard and easy to find.

Maybe you just want to plug a carbon monoxide alarm into a standard outlet without worrying about mounting it on the wall. There’s a model that does that and that also uses a 9-volt battery as backup for protection when there are power outages, If you want a plug-in with a display, it’s available too.

For a very care-free carbon monoxide alarm, there’s one with a built-in 10-year battery.
An added feature is that it has a digital temperature display. Perhaps you are a homeowner who wants a device in every room and wants them interconnected with each other, Such hardwired carbon monoxide alarms are available, as are interconnected wireless ones.

Carbon monoxide alarm manufacturers know how important your safety and the safety of your family is to you. First Alert, Inc. has plenty of carbon monoxide alarms for you to choose from.

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