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How to Protect Heavily Used Turf to Optimize Its Health

Parks, universities, sports fields, and other types of commercial property have land that often sees heavy foot traffic. Depending on the type of property, some land undergoes rigorous traffic that can cause damage to the turf and soil. This requires the land to have extensive maintenance to help keep the property in good condition. While some damage to commercial property may only affect the curb appeal of the land. Other types such as sports fields require healthy turf to provide the players with a quality surface to play on. While it may be a daunting task to manage the property, turf maintenance equipment can help reduce the amount of time caring for the grass.

Maintenance Requirements

  • The lawn should be mowed to the level required for the type of grass used on the property.
  • The turf should be fertilized periodically to supply the nutrients required for healthy growth.
  • The soil should be tested each year or ever two years for low traffic land.
  • Turf maintenance equipment should be used to seed and fertilize the property.
  • Adequate watering is required for healthy grass growth and to prevent the turf from drying out.

Reduce the Stress of Caring for Your Landscaping with Reliable Machinery

1st Products, Inc is your resource for finding the cost-effective and dependable equipment you require to maintain a healthy turf. Their highly-skilled engineers work diligently to produce the machinery you require to care for your landscaping. They offer the right tools you need to meet your landscaping demands to help you save time on maintaining your turf. Whether your property sees very little foot traffic or undergoes a high volume of traffic such as sports fields. You can rely on them to provide the equipment required to accomplish your goal.

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